Stevevonna Evans 
A freshman to politics Stevevonna took on her hometown of Adelanto, in November of 2018 to win a City Council seat and was then elevated to Mayor Pro Tem. Adelanto, a small city located in California’s High Desert is on track to dominate the cannabis sector in California as it is the only city in the entire state that allows “seed to sell”. Meaning they have all seven Cannabis state licenses available. Once in office Stevevonna under the function of her mandate as an elected offical, took it upon herself to get a full understanding of the city’s ordinance and began developing the idea of a Department of Cannabis to assist her city in the regulation and enforcement of this ever evolving industry. Stevevonna feels that with cannabis being one of the pillars of the city’s financial infrastructure and forecasted growth it is up to the city to ensure that the industry thrives. While cannabis tends to be synonymous with her city, Stevevonna’s passion and commitment are not limited to the success of cannibis businesses, but rather, in fact how those local businesses benefit her Adelanto residents. Most recently she hosted a Cannabis Career Fair to address the employment shortage in the city. This served multiple purposes as it offered a pool of candidates, while also insuring the cannabis industry within the city fulfilled their commitment that their workforce would be comprised of a minimum of 50% Adelanto residences. The Career Fair had 8 Exhibitors, whom combined were seeking to fill over 250 positions. The event was deemed by many attendees and exhibitors alike as a huge success. Understanding the historical stigma associated with cannabis and even the disproportionate marginalization of certain demographic groups, Stevevonna initially shied away from taking a position on its usage. After educating herself and really challenging how her previous opinion was shaped, she began to understand the multifaceted benefits of the plant. Stevevonna is a firm believer that we have to be the change we want to see. In order for the cannabis industry to grow and prosper we have to bring awareness and be willing to work together to solidify its durability and success