Peter Gigante
Head of Policy Research

Peter Gigante is Head of Policy Research at Eaze, a technology platform that connects adult consumers with local licensed retailers for on-demand delivery of legal cannabis products. Eaze innovative software solutions give local cannabis businesses the tools they need to build a legal and sustainable industry, while Eaze’s robust compliance team helps retail and brand partners ensure every product and sale meets local and state regulations.

As head of policy research, Peter leads research initiatives that inform public policy stakeholders on an array of topics including economics, social impact, and public health. The Eaze Insights quarterly publications address current topics in the ever-changing cannabis industry and regulatory landscape. Recent insights reports address topics like trends in social openness in light of adult-use legalization and consumer sensitivity and response to cannabis taxation. Prior to Eaze, Peter spent five years leading the public policy research team at Lyft, which sparked his interest in disruptive startup technology and data-driven public policy.