Mariah Aleah Dodson

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill

In 2013, Mariah Dodson attended Virginia State University to begin pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. After one year, the urge of purpose struck as she enlisted into the United States Army to begin the fast track to learning what the true definition of professionalism and synergy were. After graduating basic training at the top of her class, the next phase was schooling for her assigned military job, 92A Logistics Specialist. Here is where she truly fell in love with the passion for reengineering systems. Her main goal in school was to learn exactly what she needed to be most competent in her duties. Over the next year, her leadership skills showed through tenaciously, as she became the youngest squad leader within her field artillery unit.

During the five years in the United States Army, she also held a part time job working under the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department as an armed Security Supervisor. It was here where she was able to qualify for Top Secret clearance working for secured accounts such as the Youth Jail and Boeing. She gained many skills such as configuration, communication, procedure, and unity. 

In 2015 she was recruited by a local physician to join his project management team as lead research and developer for an upcoming sound and movie studio in Lancaster, CA. The tasks stemmed from researching state department regulations needed for development approvals, finding correct sound stage equipment for the potential clients needs, generating budget charts for costs, and the complex task of finding international funding resources. Amidst of project development, Mariah began a strong alliance with Vanessa Macias, who was the lead Marketing Management team of this same company. 

Both women, passionate about community development, began in 2016 with redeveloping a 3-bedroom house into a low-income cost home for veterans in California City, CA. Mariah and her business partner ended 2016 with the commencement of a true dedication to philanthropy and started a community benefits company, United Herbalisman organization that focuses on holistic education, creating enriching experiences for people, families and communities. In December of 2017, United Herbalism donated 1.5 million pounds of clothes internationally, as well as to local Los Angeles homeless missions. United Herbalism continues to fulfill our mission by hosting quarterly “Day of Prosperity” events, where free haircuts, clothing, and many other resources are provided to families. Arts and crafts, empowerment seminars are provided as well. These events are focused in Southern California communities. United Herbalism has also hosted monthly seminars focusing on mind, body and soul wellness at the local senior centers and medical clinics. 

In 2017 Mariah and Vanessa took special interest in the upcoming legal cannabis market, co-founded and formed Dust To Diamonds Incorporated, a cannabis – integrated holistic corporation. The company advocates for self-reliance through holistic health and self-empowerment. Dust To Diamonds promotes the awareness of one’s true wellness with CBD infused health and lifestyle products. The Dust To Diamond’s shop offers many CBD clinical wellness products for those looking for a more harmonious nutritional routine, such as topicals, capsules, droppers and natural essential oils.

Dust To Diamonds Inc. is recognized in history by welcoming the youngest to have received Medical Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing Licenses. We take pride in the opportunity to inspire our communities with a platform to educate on social equity within the cannabis industry. Dust To Diamonds is currently the majority shareholder into the development of an eco-friendly, medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing facility in California City, CA.