Luis Rivera
Collective Strategies

Luis Rivera is the Founder and CEO of Collective Strategies, a Certified Small (S.B.E.), Minority (M.B.E.) and Small Local Business Enterprise (S.L.B.E.), created to provide social, economic and workforce development for communities.

Mr. Rivera is committed to promoting fairness, justice, opportunity, and equity in the design and implementation of cannabis related public policy, enforcement and in the economic and workforce opportunities. Mr Rivera believes that it is the responsibility of the Government and the corporate sector to provide “economic access and opportunities for people who were disproportionately impacted by the “war on drugs” based on class, race, and gender in the U.S.!”

As a licensed Cannabis Event Organizer with the State of California (Cannabis Event Organizer Lic.#: CEO-14-18-0000131-TEMP), Mr. Rivera promotes the responsible advancement of the legal cannabis economy and marketplace by working with the industry, small businesses, and local municipalities and authorities to coordinate professional, business and consumer expo’s,
policy summits and conferences, festivals, concerts and community, events and others public and private events.

In 2018 Mr. Rivera Co-Founded Social Equity LA, which provides an online and in-person network that provides free, accurate and timely information on the legislative, enforcement, economic and workforce opportunities in the cannabis industry for individuals the qualify for the Social Equity programs.

Mr. Rivera has a Bachelors degree in Sociology and a Masters degree in Public Administration from California State University of Los Angeles. Mr. Rivera has over 14 years in the public sector, and recently served as Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Community Business Manager in the Office of Economic Development and as the South Los Angeles Area Representative in the Office of Public Engagement, from September 2015 to March 2019.