Gem Montes

is a Cannabis Industry Professional, Consultant and Advocate who works closely with companies such as Tyson Holistics, Professional Organic Solutions, CVCAN, HDCA and CNACA… The quality of her work is, in part, due to her position as Director of Inland Empire NORML, a local chapter of the oldest and largest nationwide advocacy groups for marijuana legalization, as well as her commitment to community involvement with municipalities throughout California. Currently she holds a position on the Planning Commission in the City of Colton, CA. Although her advocacy work started in the IE, she is not bound to those limits and is dedicated to going wherever her skill and expertise yields the most benefit. She has a broad range of legal, business and industry experience. Gem has acquired a keen understanding of varying perspectives and has mastered navigating the fine line between local municipalities and the cannabis industry’s interests and needs. This duel privilege has allowed her to network between different groups of people within the marijuana world, resulting in many successful business ventures..