David Marelius
Co-founder/ Chief Science Officer
Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs

David Marelius is the Co-founder/ Chief Science Officer of Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs, a California state-licensed cannabis and hemp testing facility based in San Diego. Recognizing the need for honest, precise, and accurate analytical services within the wake of cannabis legalization, David and his partner Josh Swider founded ICAL in 2016. Since then, the lab has been trusted by more than 800 clients throughout California, has grown to a staff of over 30 experienced laboratory technicians, and is soon to be the largest cannabis testing facility in the state with the opening of their new 16,000-square-foot facility come July.

When constructing the concept behind their testing lab, Dave and Josh realized their responsibility to not only generate accurate and timely testing services, but to educate their clients and the cannabis community about the importance of knowing the sort of chemicals that could be found in their products. Dave has spoken publicly about the dangers of unregulated cannabis products, stressing that the pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, and residual solvents commonly found in such products could detrimentally compromise the health of consumers. He understands the results his lab releases will directly affect the people consuming the products they test, which is why the analytical methods Dave has helped put in place will always be held to (or above) the current legal standards. And, in the event that a sample does fail, Dave and Josh offer their expertise to not only identify the source of a harmful chemical, but a solution to the problem. Throughout California’s regulation roller coaster, Dave’s goal for ICAL has always remained the same- to help build trust between cannabis consumers and the new, legal California cannabis industry.

Born and raised in San Diego, David attended San Diego State University in 2009 where he received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He then went on to receive his PhD from the joint doctoral program between SDSU and the University of California San Diego, where, for his graduate work, he utilized organic and organometallic synthesis to make catalysts for water splitting, the conversion of water into oxygen and hydrogen for energy storage. He received the IPMI Richard Rubin Memorial Scholarship Award in 2014, recognizing his achievements in precious metals research as a graduate. Since then, he’s applied his passion for organic chemistry to the cannabis industry.