Conference Speakers

Lanny Swerdlow

Mariah Aleah Dodson

Eric Goepel 

Stevevonna Evans 

Mike Harris

Gem Montes

Sean Kiernan

Ruth A Hill 

Luis Rivera

Jazmin Aguiar

Aaron Kuehn

Denise Smith

Katrina Quackenbush’s

(45 Minute Sessions)



Cannabis as Medicine

Learn about the history of Cannabis in America (how it got prohibited and how it came back), the Endocannabinoid system and how cannabis works as medicine and why should you take it. This presentation will explore treating symptoms vs treating diseases, side effects, myths and methods of administration.



Cannabis Cultivation (Personal)

Do you cultivate or want learn from the experts on how to grow quality cannabis in your home – outdoors and indoors. This presentation will provide information on how to select the right location – indoor vs. outdoor vs. greenhouse, lighting, selecting the right strains and costs. Participants will as so learn when to harvest, trim, deal with pests and how to grow more than one crop a year (quality and quantity).



Cannabis & Veterans

Learn about the opportunities and challenges with providing cannabis for veterans as a treatment for pain and PTSD. This presentation will also discuss different resources such as, the V.A., rehabilitation centers and other programs to provide treatment, support and cannabis to veterans.



Cannabis Laws

Find out about the latest legislation coming out of Sacramento – analyze the bills still in consideration – what has passed, what has failed. Where are we in getting CA Cities and Counties to allow cannabis businesses and commerce.



Cannabis Social Justice

Explore efforts to right the wrongs of “the war on drugs”, the culture of cannabis and new business and career opportunities in the industry.



Cannabis Comedy Hour

Come laugh and enjoy a good high with some of the best 420 comedians in the industry.



Cannabis Culinary Demonstration

Come learn and see a culinary showcase on how to cook with cannabis (CBD, THC and Terpenes) and how it can elevate cuisine, even in the absence of a high.